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20 March 2007 @ 03:11 pm
Rite To Lucifer  
The Altar must face the East most point of the ritual chamber. A candle is set at each elemental point. The elemental demons are invoked by use of the enns with the dagger. Flereous first and working clockwise, leaving Lucifer for last. An incense of Sorcery or Lucifer invokes atmosphere.

Light the candles from Flereous to Lucifer. Then - Carrying an incense wand or burner in one hand and a dagger in the other (doesn't matter which) approach each point and kneel reciting the enn for Lucifer: "Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar Lucifer" and wave the dagger through the smoke. Finally, invite the fifth element (Satan, spirit) from the center of the ritual space.

Kneel at the altar in prayer: "We pray thee Lucifer, bestow upon us the strength of your design. Let the eagle bring us a new understanding. Your light shall be our protection and guide us through this life. We are as the wind. We humbly pay homage to thee in our offer of incense that you may know our respect for your vast strength. We offer requests of knowledge and reflection that we may employ your creation to do so. Hail Lucifer. Lord and Master of Air."

ADDITIONAL PRAYER: Almighty Lucifer, bless me with enlightenment. Allow me to emerge from the darkness awake, with understanding. Grant me the knowledge to make my life what I want. Grant me the wisdom to see things for what they really are. For I wish to dwell in the world of intelligent thought and reasoning. In Lucifer's name, Amen.

The comes the typical ritual body in which requests of concentration, knowledge, intillect, and purification are burned at the alter. (i.e. a bowl, incense burner, or bonfire.) The ashes must be crushed to a fine powder and later dispersed in the wind. Some sects choose to sing hymns and go into longer durations of prayer before the ritual closing.

TRY THIS: Write up a list of all the things you want to leave in your past. When you're done, write Lucifer's sigil over it. Burn it.

Next - write up a list of what you want for the coming year. When you're done, turn the piece of paper over and put Lucifer's sigil on the back. Fold the paper and keep it with you.

The ritual is closed as thus: "Hail Lucifer. Lord and Master of Air. We thank thee for being present at our ritual. We bid you, go in peace."

Close the ritual as normal. If practicing solitary - change all "we" to "I" Also - the prayer can be done with a single candle if you lack the space, time, or supplies to do a drawn out ritual.

TRY THIS AFTER THE RITE: Go through your house, and weather permitting, open several windows. With Lucifer incense, go through the house invoking Lucifer (using an enn or personal invocation) into each room. When finished, close the windows.